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Interchange Specification

Sense of security and merits rendered by "interchangeable" products only3 features of "interchangeable"

Ultimate interchangeable system after thorough search for exclusion of wastefulness

Unparalleled highly interchangeable slide units and track rails realized by IKO's unique and high machining technology and strict dimensional management.
You can order whatever you want, whenever you want, and as much as you want.


In such cases, the sense of security and merits of "Interchangeable" have great effects.


 3 features of "interchangeable"

Unit interchangeability

A wide variety of slide unit models with different sectional shape and length are provided, for free replacement on the same track rail.

Accuracy interchangeability

Three accuracy classes of Ordinary, High and Precision class are provided, to support even high traveling accuracy purposes. In addition, as height variation of multiple assembled sets is managed with high accuracy, you may use parallel track rails at ease.

Standard setting up to precision

Preload interchangeability

The high accuracy dimensions management utilizing the simple structure achieved the interchangeability of preloaded slide units.
It supports the applications requiring the rigidity of one higher rank.
High preload setting is possible thanks to high accuracy dimensions control

Maintenance free is achieved only by replacing the slide unit!
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