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Roller Technology

Ultra high load capacityUltra long lifeUltra high rigidityExcellent vibration characteristics
Precise positioning enabled by excellent friction characteristicsHigh running accuracyMiniaturization
Compatible ball type and mounting dimensions

First ultimate high-performance in the world enabled by IKO's roller guide

By aligning 4 rows of cylinder rollers in a highly rigid casing so that they are well-balanced in parallel, IKOLinear Roller Way Super X takes full advantage of the excellent characteristics of the rollers, and it is Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series that realizes smooth operation, high reliability, high rigidity and high accuracy.

Features of Linear Roller Way Super X

Ultra high load capacity

The Linear Roller Way Super X has a large contact area with the way and a number of cylindrical roller with excellent load capacity, which allows to achieve larger load rating.
Comparison of basic dynamic load rating
Comparison of basic static load rating

Ultra long life

The service life of the roller type is longer than that of the ball type since the roller type has a great basic dynamic load rating and a great "index" in the life calculation formula.
Roller type has large basic dynamic load rating C and long life due to the different "index"!

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Ultra high rigidity

The rigidity of linear motion rolling guide significantly affects properties of machines and devices to be incorporated.
The Linear Roller Way Super X achieves high rigidity as a number of small cylindrical rollers with smaller elastic deformation relative to load than that of balls are incorporated in the slide unit.
Comparison of elastic deformation

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Excellent vibration characteristics

The Linear Roller Way Super X has high rigidity relative to ball types of the same size, so deformation amount is low relative to repeated fluctuating load, natural frequency is high and vibration damping time is short.

Vibration damping curve in downward vibration (Half amplitude)

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Precise positioning enabled by excellent friction characteristics

The Linear Roller Way Super X prevents skew of cylindrical roller and achieves smooth motion by adopting unique retaining method to accurately guide cylindrical roller ends with retaining plate.
The Linear Roller Way Super X has good response characteristics to micro-feeding and allows for accurate positioning, thanks to small frictional resistance against preload and load and excellent frictional characteristics relative to plain guides and ball type linear motion rolling guide.
MXDL25 and MXDG45 T3 preload frictional resistance

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High running accuracy

Optimal design based on analysis of re-circulation behavior of cylindrical roller circulation realizes smooth and quiet motion. In addition, load is applied to many cylindrical rollers and therefore the micro deflection during running is minimized.
Deflection amount during running

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Roller type with significantly higher load capacity than the ball type. The Linear Roller Way Super X allows for downsizing from many size variations for compactification of devices.

Compatible ball type and mounting dimensions

The Linear Roller Way Super X has mounting dimensions compatible with the ball type Linear Way H. Replacement with roller type is possible without significant design change to machine or device.

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