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President's Message

Shigeki Miyachi
President Shigeki Miyachi
The IKO mission: to use our standing as a global company to play a vital role in society.

Since the company was established, we have formed close relationships with our stakeholders, responding flexibly to changes in the business environment and diversifying needs. This principle has enabled us to gain extraordinarily high levels of trust from our customers, both in Japan and abroad.
Today, the IKO brand and its reputation represent machine parts that are indispensable within the industry worldwide.

The IKO brand name is formed by three key words: gInnovationh, denoting our forward-thinking approach; gKnow-howh, referring to our advanced technology and skills that stand out from the rest; and gOriginalityh, as an indication of our creativeness. We have embraced these three principles as the heart and core of our company. All IKO employees act on the values encapsulated in our name and we hold as our core value for all our actions the goal of becoming a innovative company that contributes to society.

A core element of this philosophy is our principle to stay close to our customers in order to propose unique solutions to meet their individual needs. All of our employees share this value and are dedicated to pouring passion and technical skills into solving any and all challenges our customers may face.

We are deeply committed to corporate compliance, which we consider to be a key factor in serving as a responsible corporate citizen. We will also continue to contribute to society through our promotion of environmentally-friendly corporate actions, in order to achieve our ultimate goal of creating a beautiful and rich natural environment.

Bearings derives from the word gto bearh, Nippon Thompson, as a global company, is determined to continuously strengthen its global reputation as a trusted and invaluable company offering irreplaceable products with added value, able to support and bear the weight of the global society.
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