Sustainability ESG Management: The Environment / Environmental Policy


The IKO Group recognizes that conservation of the global environment is an important issue that is vital to all humans. Therefore we are engaging in environmentally-friendly corporate activities as part of our corporate social responsibility, reducing the load on the environment, and working to realize a sustainable and prosperous global environment.

Environmental Policy

Established August 2, 1998
Revised April 1, 2023
1 Countermeasures for global warming and climate change
As "a technology development-based company" that contributes to society, we will continue to design and develop products and services that reduce the load on the environment throughout their lifecycle. We have a clear understanding of how our business activities impact the environment and are implementing climate change countermeasures with the aim of achieving a completely carbon neutral supply chain.
2 Conservation of biodiversity
We have assessed the impact of our business activities on biodiversity and are promoting environmental protection activities in collaboration with each country and region with the aim of achieving a society that can coexist with nature.
3 Contributing to a recycling-oriented society
We are thoroughly implementing Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle efforts through our business activities to minimize input resources such as raw materials and water, while also minimizing waste.
4 Reducing substances that are hazardous to the environment
We are properly managing and reducing substances that are hazardous to humans and ecosystems throughout our entire supply chain.
5 Environmental compliance
We are complying with laws, ordinances, agreements, and other requirements related to environmental conservation, and are proactively cooperating with measures that have been implemented in each country and region. We also establish our own management standards as needed to further environmental conservation efforts.
6 Improving environmental performance
In addition to establishing environmental goals for achieving this policy, we organize an environmental management system and engage in continuous environmental conservation activities. We endeavor to improve the environmental performance of the IKO Group based on this review.
7 Promoting environmental communication
By making this policy clearly understood throughout the IKO Group, we will improve the awareness and knowledge of employees about the environment. We will also proactively disclose information about the environment to all stakeholders via positive communication in order to deepen mutual understanding and to maintain and strengthen trust.

Environmental Management System

Recognizing the importance of co-existence and coprosperity with local communities in our business activities, we have been promoting environmental management under our Environmental Policy since 1998. The Environmental Committee, chaired by the executive director in charge of the Production Department, sets our annual environmental issues and monitors the progress of our environmental management activities. Both the Production and Engineering Department and the Sales and Management Department have established environmental committees and are working as one team to realize a prosperous global environment.

Environmental Management System
Environmental Management System

Environmental Plan and Progress in FY2022

As shown in the table below, our efforts to reduce our environmental negative impact in FY2022 were focused on two key areas: global warming countermeasures and resource recycling. We set targets consistent with those established by the industry associations to which we belong, and we have achieved our targets for almost all items. However, since targets have not been achieved in some items, we will continue to strengthen our initiatives to achieve them. In addition, we will increase our mediumto long-term efforts, including by continually achieving targets, reviewing target values, and adding initiatives for the items to be achieved.

Item Targets for FY2022 Actual Results for FY2022 Degree of Achievement
Global warming countermeasures Reduce per unit CO2 emissions from bearing operations in 2030 by 28% compared with FY1998 levels 38.6% reduction from FY1998 Achieved
Reduce unit energy consumption by 1.0% year on year 2.4% reduction year on year Achieved
Reduce unit energy consumption by 1.0% on average over five fiscal years 0.6% reduction in five-year average per-unit energy consumption Achieved less than 80%
Resource recycling Achieve a recycling rate of at least 96% in FY2031 Recycling rate: 96.6% Achieved
Reduce final disposal volume by 92% in FY2026 compared with FY2001 Final disposal amount: 97.8% reduction Achieved

Third-Party Evaluations and Certifications

As a company centered on technology development that contributes to society, as stated in our management philosophy, the Group believes that we have an important responsibility to maintain a rich global environment for future generations. We established our Environmental Policy in 1998, and in 2001, our main production centers, in the Gifu area, obtained ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems. In 2003, in the Kamakura area, and in 2013, IKO Thompson Vietnam Co., Ltd. also obtained this certification, and we are developing environmental initiatives based on international standards as well as complying with various regulations, such as the ELV Directive and the RoHS Directive in Europe.

Acquired ISO 14001 Certification

Site Year Acquired
Gifu Area 2001
Kamakura Area 2003
IKO Thompson Vietnam Co., Ltd. 2013

ISO Environmental Management System Certificate
Certificate No.: 13ER-902
Registered company: NIPPON THOMPSON CO., LTD., Production and Engineering Department

Development of community-based environmental activities
Gifu Prefecture Environmentally Conscious Business Facility Certificate