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Environmental/CSR Activities

Green procurementAll our products are made in compliance to EU RoHS Directive.
“Oil Minimum” conceptISO14001

Environmental Activities Contributing to the benefit of the global environment

Our strict position on protecting the environment directly impacts our product development.
Green procurement
IKO positively works on conservation of the global environment.
Since 1998, Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd. has accomplished corporate activities having a basic philosophy of "to accomplish environment-friendly corporate activities as corporate social responsibility, reduce environmental loads, and contribute to fulfillment of rich global environment."
By thinking that offering eco-friendly products to customers leads to the conservation of the global environment, Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd. established "Green Procurement Standard" in 2003 and has promoted green procurement with customers' cooperation and comprehension.
With this standard, we have expected to contribute to realization of rich global environment together with customers by investigating and evaluating environmental loads of customers and procured materials and promoting green procurement further.
All our products are made in compliance to EU RoHS Directive.
Due to the IKO's unique environmental control standard, all our products have conformed to EU RoHS Directive.
Needle bearing and linear motion rolling guides have been produced by a management system that reduces global environmental loads. Their quality levels conform to ISO-14001 and ISO-9001.These products all conform to EU RoHS Directive (Six hazardous materials).
“Oil Minimum” concept
C-Lube Maintenance Free Series products are a direct result of our “Oil Minimum” concept
Bearings are machine parts that reduce power losses and increase the energy efficiency of a variety of devices by minimizing friction in rotating parts. That function in itself helps reduce the burden on the global environment. However, to reduce the number of lubrication control processes for customers, we came up with our “Oil Minimum” concept and have developed C-Lube, a lubrication part impregnated with an abundant amount of lubricant, incorporated in bearings and linear motion rolling guides. Because it minimizes the amount of lubricant applied and applies only the right amount of lubricant over an extended period, C-Lube is good for the global environment and makes the products realizes maintenance-free over long periods of time.
Oil Minimum IKO Gentle to the Earth
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Developing environmental activities based on international standards
Keeping the global environment in a healthy state for future generations is a corporate social responsibility. Nippon Thompson formulated its Environmental Policies in 1998 and embarked on new environmental initiatives. Not only we have acquired the ISO14001 international environmental management system certification and comply with environmental laws both in Japan and abroad, we also comply with the European ELV and RoHS Directives and other such regulations. We have been active in developing and implementing our own voluntary environmental plans in areas such as reducing CO2 emissions and waste generation. We have also implemented environmentally friendly green procurement from suppliers based on our own Nippon Thompson Green Procurement Standards. In that connection, we have been presented with Green Procurement Certificates from a great number of our customers.
▲ISO Environmental
Management System Certificate

Certificate Number:
Production Technology Division
▲Pursuing environmental activities tailored to local needs Gifu Prefecture Environmentally Conscious Business Facility Certificate
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