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Management Philosophy

A company centered on technology development that contributes to society

Nippon Thompson is a company that has earned the trust of our customers by focusing on their needs and through the manufacture and sale of important mechanical components such as bearings and bearing-related equipment. In order to further grow as a global company and have a strong presence, we aim to become a company centered on technology development that focuses all of our expertise and passion into solving the problems of our customers.


Management policy

Management policy
  • We aim to be a high-quality company whose mission is to develop high-value-added products that meet customers' needs, rather than to simply expand the company.
  • We strive to "achieve a bountiful global environment" and contribute to social development as a good corporate citizen.
  • We strive to comprehensively consider our performance level and proactively return stable profits.
  • We aim to improve the return on equity (ROE) from the viewpoint of increasing corporate value.
  • We strive to stabilize and strengthen our corporate infrastructure.