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Precision Positioning Table Series

IKO Super Precision Positioning Tables TX TX...M

IKO Super Precision Positioning Table TX TX...M

IKOSuper Precision Positioning Table TX is a positioning table with extremely high accuracy which is created based on the high precision, high rigidity and well proven IKOPrecision Positioning Table LH by using cylindrical rollers for rolling elements and incorporating IKOLinear Roller Way Super X, which has best-in-class running performance as a linear motion rolling guide, with fully-closed loop control.
Optimal for highly accurate positioning where the existing rolling guides could not be used.


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Product Features

Super Precision Positioning Table TX is a positioning table based on the high precision, high rigidity and well proven in the stage field Precision Positioning Table LH, with ultimate rolling guide C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX incorporated and with positioning accuracy almost the same as air stages due to the tireless pursuit of accuracy in each part.

1 Long term maintenance free!
The product is long term maintenance free by having a lubrication part C-Lube within the linear motion rolling guide and ball screw.
This allows the reduction of oiling work and improves the reliability of machines or devices.
Long term maintenance free with built-in C-Lube in the lubrication part
Lubrication oil is carried through circulation of rolling elements   Lubrication oil is directly supplied to surfaces of the rolling elements
The lubrication oil of the linear motion rolling guide is supplied directly to the rolling elements, not to the track rail.
When rolling elements make contact with the capillary lubricating element integrated with the circulation path of slide unit rolling elements, the lubrication oil is supplied to surfaces of rolling elements and carried to the loading zone through circulation of rolling elements.
This results in adequate lubrication oil being properly maintained in the loading zone and lubrication performance will last for a long time.
  The surface of capillary lubricating element is always covered with the lubrication oil.
Lubrication oil is continuously supplied to the surface of rolling elements by surface tension in the contact of the capillary lubricating element surface and rolling elements.
On the surface of capillary lubricating element with which the rolling elements make contact, new lubrication oil is always supplied from the other sections.
2 Ultimate positioning performance!
Super high positioning accuracy and resolution performance realized with an onboard super high accuracy linear encoder   Adoption of C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super X ensures ultimate running performance
Fully closed loop control is configured and the high positioning accuracy of the entire stroke is guaranteed with a direct feedback of positional information from a super high accuracy linear encoder with resolution of 0.016μm.   Ultimate running accuracy as a Rolling Guide Type is achieved since components processed and assembled with high accuracy are combined with the IKOC-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX that exhibits the highest level of running performance.
3 Control method selectable according to needs
Because both AC servomotor and stepper motor are available and the customer can specify whether to attach a linear encoder, the control method can be selected according to usages.
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