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Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series

IKO C-Lube Linear Ball Spline MAG

IKO C-Lube Linear Ball Spline MAG

IKOC-Lube Ball Spline MAG is a compact linear motion rolling guide which achieves endless linear motion of an external cylinder along a spline shaft. With IKOoriginal C-Lube technology, its performance makes the products different from others, providing superior cost performance for your machines. Maintenance free for 20,000 km or 5 years minimizes the amount of lubricant required and contributes to the global environment protection. Stable high accuracy and rigidity are ensured in operations even under fluctuating loads with changing direction and magnitude or complex loads.


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Product Features

The MAG series is a linear motion rolling guide in which an external cylinder makes linear motion along the spline shaft. Since the structure lets a ball to rotate on the spline track groove, it can receive not only the radial load but also rotating torque. Therefore it best fits the structure in which torque transmission and linear motion take place in parallel.


Shape External cylinder length Model Size
4 5 6 8 10 12
Standard type solid shaft Standard MAG
Long MAGL - -
Standard type hollow shaft Standard MAGT
Long MAGLT - -
Flange type solid shaft Standard MAGF -
Flange type hollow shaft Standard MAGFT -
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